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Chromecast USB Cables Power Only?

I stumbled on something today when fiddling around with some of the cabling within my home office, the Chromecast’s provided USB cable provides power ONLY.

There are about a million USB cables in my house: A to A, A to B, A to MiniUSB,  A to MicroUSB, Apple chargers, the list goes on.

I started to panic when I plugged my WASD CODE Keyboard (love it, will do a review soon) into my MacBook Pro and while it lit up, none of the keys would respond. I ran into an issue a few weeks back where I couldn’t update the settings on my Logitech Harmony 650 remote control either. Why was I having all of these issues with simple USB connected devices. The remote, I assumed had a bad port or something, but since I had the original remotes, I put it off and ignored it. When my keyboard stopped working, I knew something was amiss.

After some trial and error with 3 usb cables that were bundled with the Chromecasts I have in the house, I realized that only the Chromecast Cables were the ones that seemed to have issues transmitting data.

Turns out, Chromecast bundles a power-ONLY cable, explaining all of the issues I’ve had over the past few weeks and restoring my sanity. I suppose it’s to protect your TV if you’re using a service port to power your Chromecast, or the data-less cables are simply cheaper. Who knows.

Anyhow, keep it in mind if you have a lot of Chromecasts and tend to swap out USB cables all over the house. Plus, if you subscribe to the lifestyle of over-protection with your devices, you’ve got a few extra cables to protect your phone when charging it in random devices. Unfortunately for iPhones, you’ll still have to slap on an adapter, but I think if you’re worried about the Mariott’s USB port stealing your contact lists, you’re a bit over-the-top to begin with.

Happy charging.